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After the Metroids were considered to be wiped out, the deadlier X parasites attack Samus. She is given a new suit after her near-death experience and returns to an empty Galactic Federation station, where something seems out of place.
After the fall of Zebes (Super Metroid), Samus and a research team from Galactic Federation travel to SR388, only to find more trouble. After the Metroids were considered to be wiped out, their prey, the deadlier X parasites, attack Samus. Samus is, once again, given a new suit after her near-death experience. She then returns to an empty Galactic Federation station, where something seems out of place…
Samus starts the game without most of her abilities, but regains most of them and several new tricks throughout the game. Some are simple but well though out, like the ability to automatically grab ledges and pull yourself up. Other abilities are newer and cooler, like charging freeze missiles that freeze a room at a time.<br/><br/>The difficulty of the game is pretty much spot on. Early in the game things will flow smoothly, not too tough and not too easy. As the game progresses though, the challenges get harder and harder until things really heat up. By the end of the game, you&#39;ll be fighting for your life. Unlike previous Metroid adventures, you won&#39;t be running around aimlessly this time. You&#39;ll almost always have a near complete map, and an idea where to go thanks to your new AI commander.<br/><br/>The downside to this however is it severely shortens the game&#39;s length. I finished the game my first time through in about 4:33 play time. That translates to a few days counting replaying saves, breaks, and such. It&#39;s not a very long game. A casual player would probably take a week or maybe two at the most to finish the game. A hardcore player could do it in a day if they really wanted to.<br/><br/><ul><li>Rirath_com</li></ul>
I have followed the Metroid Series for a long time. Every single one of them is a work of art. Music, graphics, sound, and story are all top notch. I have two favorites out of the side scrolling Metroid&#39;s though. One is Metroid Zero Mission, who&#39;s game play is simply amazing. But personally, out of all the stories. Metroid Fusion is my favorite.<br/><br/>The beginning is amazing, plot twists spread throughout. The ending simply surprises you. What you thought would happen, doesn&#39;t, something totally better and different happens.<br/><br/>This is well worth the buy. You can certainly find it used for cheap somewhere. The replay value is great since you can open new pictures of Samus for getting good item collection, and for speed.<br/><br/>Great game, get it, you won&#39;t regret it.

In terms of chronology, Metroid Fusion is the last chapter in the Metroid series. In order:<br/><br/>Metroid (Zero Mission) - Metroid Prime - Metroid Prime: Hunters - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Metroid II: The Return of Samus - Super Metroid - Metroid: Other M - Metroid Fusion<br/><br/>So Metroid Fusion takes place an unknown amount of time after Metroid: Other M. Samus&#39; suit actually consists of a mechanic part (the metal outer shell) and an biological part (an inner organic layer). The inner layer is the suit&#39;s interface and is in direct connection with her skin. Samus can move the suit because the inner layer &#39;reads&#39; the commands given by her central nervous system, and relays the commands to the mechanic part.<br/><br/>The infection with the X parasite also spreaded to the organic parts of the suit, causing the inner layer to be fused with Samus&#39; body. The only way to remove the suit was to surgically remove parts of it. However, this could not stop the infection in Samus&#39; central nervous system, until the scientists finally thought of using Metroid cells as a vaccine to battle the parasites. This cleared the parasites out of Samus&#39; body and suit, but the Metroid cells also fused with them, changing her appearance and giving her the inherent Metroid strengths (and weaknesses).
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